Packages inspired by life

At A.S. Watson we truly value and reward our people for their passion, performance and contribution to our business, and with this exact thought in mind we design our packages.

We have a range of incentives and benefits which are tailored by your role and the local market, as well as exclusive retail discounts to be enjoyed by you, your friends and family. But there is much More to us.

Inspired by the ever-changing nature of life, we regularly review and evolve our perks and benefits, to ensure we bring More to life to you and your family, every step on the way.


What if we told you, you could mentor your boss? 

As a business, as well as individually, we are constantly growing and have no plans of slowing down. Meaning, there is unlimited opportunity for talented individuals at A.S. Watson, which come in different shapes and formats (sometimes completely extraordinary!) - you just need to reach out for it.   

We also know how extremely passionate you are about your development and career aspirations. That’s why, we make it our mission to drive an ever-learning culture. So your journey, we hope, can be as successful as ours.



How I mentor my boss

When I joined A.S. Watson in May 2016, I never imagined I would be fortunate enough to be the Group Managing Director and Mr. Dominic Lai’s mentor. But what exactly does a reverse mentor do?

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