Our strategic functions include:

  • Business Planning & Analysis: to support Group in setting and driving group strategy; and ensure products and processes are complied with group standard.
  • CRM & Research: to act as an in-house agency for the Group, developing customer insights from our 100+ million loyalty member base and executing Customer Strategy.

Our Research team, WISE (which stands for “Watson Insights on Shopper Experience”), was established in 2015 to complement with our CRM transactional data, so as to create better customer attitudinal understanding.

Together, our goal is to encourage group synergy to deliver exceptional customer experience and enhance our retailing decisions.

Strategic Projects is an outstanding place to work where diversity is embraced, innovation is encouraged and success is celebrated. If you are an energetic, fun-loving professional, who wants to work in a dynamic, fast paced environment and passionate about Big Data, then we would love to hear from you.