Group Supply Chain’s Role within A.S.Watson is to create and develop a robust operating infrastructure which can be used as a platform for future business growth. 

This is supported by

  • Providing the supply chain fulfilment solutions, including ‘WINS’ which is the strategic Warehouse Management System for the Group, pick to light and RF technologies
  • Pro-active guidance to the Business Units on major supply chain strategic and investment decisions as well as ensuring the Group Stock, Cost and Availability targets are met and exceeded.
  • Leading A.S.Watson through the eCommerce fulfilment journey , ensuring capability and efficiency
  • Providing the framework of supply chain policies, information and tool-kits
  • Increasing the organisational supply chain capability across the Group through Inductions, Academies and developing our own talent.
  • Working with our major suppliers to ensure A.S.Watson receives the highest service levels

Supply Chain is at the first point of providing a great customer experience by having the product our customer would like to purchase available, whenever they want it, however they would like to purchase it from us in a multi – channel space.