GIT Europe works closely with GIT Asia and the local IT departments of each BU, to initiate global projects and to offer shared services such as data centres, consultancy, shared applications, best practices, procurement, global vendor management and strategy.

GIT is divided into six departments:

  • Central Systems: Software development, support and roll-out for the Merchandising System ‘WES’, Warehouse Management Systems ‘WINS’, BI-Platform BusinessObjects and IT Service Management tool TOPDESK.
  • Infrastructure: Responsible for managing the hardware, software and network required for our Enterprise IT environment.
  • Store systems: Delivers hard- and software solutions to optimize and innovate check-out , payment, logistic and sales assistant processes in our stores.
  • CRM systems: Helping our European business units to achieve their CRM Goals.
  • Digital system: Supporting the rollout of our eCommerce platform to European business units.
  • IT Security: Responsible for ensuring all of our systems and applications are secure and free from cyber vulnerabilities.
  • Architecture IT Project: Managing the relationship between “bricks and clicks” - with more than 12,000 stores , 30 websites and 20+ mobile apps we are a true 360 customer retailer. We have a mix of system architects and project managers working together to lead the way to multichannel excellence.