DataLab Commercial

Responsible for CRM across Europe, the DataLab Commercial team are all about our customers. Find out More about this creative & innovative team...

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Sarah, Head of CRM (Europe)

"My role is to lead the DataLab CRM and Loyalty team at ASW. Our purpose is to help our brands understand More about their customers and develop best-in-class loyalty programmes that keep them shopping. To achieve this, it’s about creating a supportive and encouraging environment where people work on things they love and feel valued for their contribution. 

The best thing about working here is that we offer you the opportunity to work across many different health & beauty categories and a portfolio of brilliant brands. Our work is wide ranging and comes with great variety, so if you’re looking to build your experience and keen on driving change, it’s the place for you."

Our journey so far

Michael, CRM Operations Manager 

"Hello! I'm Michael, CRM Operations Manager. I love the work my team undertakes. Not only are we the Group experts on CRM Operations and Delivery, advising CRM Teams across ASW, but we also put our words into action; delivering campaigns and customer programs. By doing this we stand out from teams outside of ASW - we deliver real solutions rather than talking in hypotheticals!


I love that I get the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from all over Europe, across different functions with different specialties, meaning each day is never the same! ASW has an inclusive environment, which has made my time here so enjoyable."

Blazej, Junior CRM Executive

"I work closely with our brands on briefing, designing, and analysing processes of email campaigns, as well as ad hoc requests and loyalty/CRM support. What I could help you with is setting up an email campaign from scratch to a successful delivery.


To visualise my experience at ASW, watch Devil Wears Prada and pay close attention at 00:59:34. Yes, I do love my job and I say this deliberately. Now, I can't tell you exactly what you would work on because tasks are excitingly ever-changing. What I can share instead, is that you can definitely expect passionate people around yourself and international coverage in almost all of your emails. I know, cloud nine!"

Karen, CRM Campaign Lead

"Hey, I'm Karen! My main role here is to work with different internal stakeholders to create engaging, segmented and timely communication that improves customers experience and strengthens engagement, both online and offline.


To achieve this, my team and I are always welcomed and encouraged to share new ideas or to think outside the box at work.  


If you are full of creativity and are looking for an environment that can help you turn ideas into reality, come and join us in DataLab!"

Jordan, CRM Manager

“Hello. I’m Jordan and I joined the DataLab team as CRM Manager. My role is to help our brands utilise best-in-class CRM strategies which will enhance our customer journey and help us reach our targets.  


While I’ve only been here a month, the friendly team and their collaborative approach to work have made me feel at home very quickly.


I look forward to working with More colleagues across the business in the future.”  

We asked colleagues what they love about DataLab Commercial. Here's what they said...