Andrea - tech whiz and wellbeing champion

Meet Andrea, Development Technical Lead and all-round wellbeing master. In summer 2019, he came second in our wellbeing bingo, shortly before taking first place in our internal wellbeing challenge, the MOREathon. We wanted to find out the key to his success...

Andrea Badano

Development Technical Lead

You hold the 2019 wellbeing crown – how did you do it?

When the challenge began, I was already commuting to work by bike every day, which didn’t hurt. I’d also planned a trip to a beautiful city called Pavia, which is quite far away, so I was already training for this. At the beginning, I was really just going about my day to day life, which changed when my colleagues noticed I was in 4th or 5th position. They kept encouraging me to go for first place, so I did!

Does teamwork really make the dreamwork?

At work and at home, I’ve found that teamwork is a huge contributor to success. It’s always easier to give up on something if you’re doing it by yourself. If you’re working with others, it’s harder. For example, if you’re tired and don’t want to head to the gym, you just need to remember your friend is waiting for you and you’ll go even if you don’t want to… and you feel much better afterwards! 

The MOREathon was a great example of team effort. It was the little things, such as organising lunchtime walks, which really boosted everyone’s spirits. Before we took part in the MOREathon, I’d have colleagues talking about my hikes saying they’d like to come, but nothing ever came of it. Nowadays, we’re actually planning hikes and motivating each other – it’s great!

 Have you met like-minded colleagues through our MOREathon?

I believe so - we’re still organising activities so it hasn’t faded away just yet! One colleague of mine actually started biking to work during the challenge and we’d joke about who was going to win – it was nice to have these conversations and mini competitions amongst ourselves. Sometimes, I’d post a bike ride or a run and my colleagues would tell me they’d have to do the same too. Later that evening, I’d see them biking or running. Of course, they weren’t working out because of me, but these conversations did make everyone more aware of their own wellbeing!

How do you manage to fit all of your training into one schedule?

It’s difficult! I have my classes which are fixed, then I see what crops up during the week. One thing we do with our colleagues at eLab Tech is organising football games. It usually happens once a week – depending on everyone’s availability. It’s a lot of fun and it allows me to combine training and socialising.

How important is CSR and wellbeing to you?

When I came to eLab Tech, I was coming from a completely different environment. One thing I was really looking for was a company who would give me more time to do things which are important to me. Personally, this translates quite easily into wellbeing and sports. If you have a poor work-life balance with no free time for yourself - or if you’re too stressed - you won’t want to do anything outside of work, and you can’t prioritise your own wellbeing. If you’re happy with your job, you feel better, you’re more productive, and you’re happier.

We want our people to Be Part Of More. Do you have any memories where you felt like you’ve really been part of More?

Yes! I really appreciated taking part in the A.S. Watson induction - I think I was in the first Group European induction in London. It was really interesting as you learned more about the company and you were also able to meet colleagues you hadn’t met before – and might not have met at all! It was intense, but it was incredibly valuable and so much fun!

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