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16 06 2022

United Kingdom

#ASWHero: Ruxandra

"Unwavering attitude - always offering to help & find a solution to the most challenging of issues. Rux has a positive & pro-active mindset, which serves as a motivator to the whole team - and beyond!"

20 06 2022

United Kingdom

#ASWHero: Andy

"Andy is always on hand to help you with any query or problem - no matter how busy he may be. Welcoming, patient, innovative & efficient. He's also a great team leader!"

17 06 2022


#ASWHero: Natasja

"Natasja is 'The Team Glue' of our Siebel Team. She is an empathetic person, always understanding the motivations and/or problems of all her colleagues. Natasja is always happy to help - and also organises great team building activities!"

27 06 2022

United Kingdom

#ASWHero: Chris

"Since Chris joined us, he's made a massive impact on tracking and analysis improvements, going above and beyond to make a difference. On top of this, he's always there for a friendly check-in, which means a lot, and really helped when we were in lockdown!"

30 06 2022

United Kingdom

#ASWHero: Ross

"Ross took me under his wing when I joined and was so patient and kind when showing me the ropes! He's always so helpful and it's been really appreciated while I have settled into the team - especially in the first few months when I joined during lockdown!"

04 07 2022


#ASWHero: Francis

"Not only does Francis run the Group IT (Europe) office with a lot of warmth and a human touch, but she keeps an eagle-eye on the safety of our staff. Francis is the driver behind all of our get-togethers; meaning she's a key player in strengthening and growing our community!"

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