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Assistant Security Manager

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Role Purpose:

As Assistant Security Manager, you will be responsible for monitoring and following up with different Business Units on cases submitted to the ABAC (Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption) portal, as well as compiling the quarterly ABAC reports to CKHH in a timely and accurate manner.

This role focus on: 

  • Conduct transaction analysis and generate insights for different Business Units and Senior Management to identify instances of fraud, loss or failure of procedural compliance for better shrinkage control. 
  • Assist the Group Security Technology Manager on the day-to-day administration of the shrinkage dashboard, including liaising with different stakeholders, producing deliverables that fulfil business needs, and resolving any data issues with IT support.
  • Assist in the administration and management of security technology tenders in Hong Kong and at Group level with the Global Procurement Team. 
  • Manage the installation, maintenance, cost control and invoicing of all security technology projects (including CCTV, alarm, EAS, access control system, and safes) in Hong Kong.
  • Handle internal and external enquiries if required, in a professional manner, providing them guidance and information.

This job is a good fit for You if:

  • You are an INQUIRER.  You often ask “Why?” and quickly look for patterns to move forward with solutions. You tend to be less traditional and more willing to try new things.
  • You are an EVALUATOR.  You analyze information and ideas both from within and outside the team and study your feasibility in terms of the team’s objectives. 
  • You are an INNOVATOR.  You will not be constrained by the past, instead viewing challenges as opportunities to change direction and explore what's ‘new and different’.

Success will depend on:

  • Ability in delivering all fraud and security related ABAC reports on time and accurately to CKHH as per quarterly reporting protocol.
  • Ability in deliverying all shrinkage dashboard reports on time and any data issues are resolved within a given time frame.
  • Ability in review and analysomg abnormal or unusual transactions from loss prevention perspective. 
  • Ability in managing tender process for security technology projects on schedule, meeting the specifications and are delivered on target.
  • Resolving maintenance, invoicing, payment and other issues with vendors in a given time frame, and resolve stores/ warehouses/ office related security technology issues in a timely manner.                

We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome applications from all qualified candidates. The information provided will be treated in strict confidence and be used only for consideration of your application for relevant/ similar posts within the A.S. Watson Group.


Watson House,1-5 Wo Liu Hang Road,Hong Kong,Fo Tan NT Hong Kong


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