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Evangelist Architect

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Role Purpose:

As Evangelist Architect, you are acting as the bridge, or sometimes as a glue, between teams within the enterprise. It's not limited to technology teams but also with business teams. The ultimate goal is to share an IT Architecture that fulfill the business strategy together with a set of architectural principles and patterns.

A typical day in this Role: 

  • Identifying principle as Evangelist Architect but turning them into solution with the product / solution architect
  • Tag along in the project / product execution journey, observe and offer advise (sometimes assistance) to make sure it goes in the intent direction
  • Identify how short terms solutions can transverse into the longer term architecture
  • Building PoC, writing blog post and whatever media that works to demonstrate the value of change, how the pattern could be adopted
  • Bringing back challenges observed in the field as feedback to refine the principles and patterns defined
  • Introducing measures of change to stakeholders by education, promotion and assistance.

This job is a good fit for You if: 

  • You have great Passion Innovation / Process Re-Engineering / Change Management
  • You are Pro-active and having positive mindset
  • You have strong passion evangelizing the principle and advantages of change.

What we look for:

  • Degree holder in computer science, information systems management, or related field
  • Experienced in application development, in both engineering and architecture design
  • Familiar with enterprise systems, networking modules and software integration. The so-called legacy application stack.
  • Fluent in cloud native technology
  • Ability to see big picture between all the moving parts
  • A problem solver and an enabler
  • Enjoy team working with different people
  • Flexible, Sociable, enjoy communicating and engaging with people
  • Feel natural in telling story and explaining complicated concept in it's simplest terms
  • Technical savvy, have a good understanding on modern technology


Watson House,1-5 Wo Liu Hang Road,Hong Kong,Fo Tan NT Hong Kong


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