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Digital & Social Media Analyst

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 Job Responsibilities

  •  Aware of digital and social media trends
  •  Conduct social media and campaign analysis - providing insights for campaign optimizations
  •  Proactive in sharing meaningful insights on a regular basis
  •  Evaluation on competitors and market position
  •  Social Media listening support across business units
  •  Provide technical support and training for business units


 Job Requirements

  • Experience in social media and website data analytics with agency background
  • Advance knowledge of social media data gathering, extraction, manipulation and interpretation
  • Knowledge and understanding of social media listening tools, algorithms and third-party data feeding
  • Developing and implementing KPI measurement frameworks for organic and paid social media campaigns
  • Proficient working knowledge of social media platform analytics, Google Analytics and its functions for data analysis
  • Expert-level data visualisation skills for integration and PowerPoint presentations
  • Experience presenting to business users on a regular basis
  • Comfortable working on mix of regular and ad hoc analytics projects


Watson House,1-5 Wo Liu Hang Road,Fo Tan,Shatin NT Hong Kong


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