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Technical Support Analyst (DBA)

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DataLab is the Analytical and Commercial Team within A.S. Watson Group. The role of DataLab is to provide support to our Brands; Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, Marionnaud and others across Europe (known as our Business Units) in building a Data Driven Culture to use the power of data for retail decisions. Through insight and analytics DataLab forms Commercial CRM strategies to help Business Units drive positive performance. 


Aim of the role

Are you interested in working on a complex structured database environment that is still being built to help create Big Data? Do you understand how to bridge the gap between DBA and Analyst in understanding requirements and building solutions to support analytics? Good! This role will give you the responsibility to manage and support the DataLab analytical team by working with the Group IT DBA team to deliver solutions to improve data processing within DataLab.

You will be highly motivated to find the technical solutions required in collaboration with IT and productionising Tableau dashboards. This role will require you build strong working relationships with the technical team in the Netherlands and act as the main contact between the IT team and DataLab. In addition, you will be responsible for investigating any data discrepancies and troubleshooting.

Key Responsibilities

Oracle Database

  • Work with Group IT to ensure the structure of the database meets the needs of the DataLab team in processing of performance as well as data accessibility
  • Monitor database performance with support from the DBA team in the Netherlands to ensure we maximise the potential within Exadata environment
  • Responsible for undertaking any investigation required when data anomalies arise either from the Business Units or Group teams

Creation of Materialised View / Other Aggregates for Performance

  • To continue work with the DBA team to develop additional Materialised Views to help with the performance of Tableau / SQL code being run by the DataLab team
  • Explore the recommendation implemented by the DBA team in building “factor” tables to avoid the need to use count distincts in SQL coding for analysis and reporting



Skills & Experience required

  • Experience of Oracle Databases essential with Exadata experience an advantage
  • 2+ years’ experience of working with and handling large relational databases
  • 2+ years’ practical experience in monitoring and tuning a database to provide high availability serviceKnowledge of how Tableau works within Oracle environment an advantage
  • Ability to manage multiple internal and external stakeholders, comfortable with forming good relationships with these stakeholders


2nd Floor Hutchinson House,5 Hester Road,London,BATTERSEA,SW11 4AN


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