Vital Statistics

  • Founded in 1974
  • First juice brand in HK

Mr. Juicy has been serving Hong Kong for over 40 years and we dedicated to provide premium, delicious and high quality products. Being a leading juice brand, Mr. Juicy has been the most preferable choice of local consumers for consecutive years.

In 2016, Mr. Juicy has a BIG revamp project. Mr. Juicy has unveiled a totally new look for its juice range with an appealing blue-sky packaging to bring energetic, refreshing and trendy image to consumer. The new design features the adoption of world-leading aseptic cold-filling technology to deliver better taste and better quality products to consumers. 

Mr. Juicy also enhanced product quality and taste profile by introducing the new formulation. The new formulation orange juice contains much more pulps and the pulps are larger to deliver better mouthfeel. No preservatives are added to keep the best product quality and with the just-right sweetness and sourness, it alters the taste perception and bring new experience to consumers. 

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