Vital Statistics

  • Founded in 1984
  • Joined A.S. Watson Group in 2005
  • 1,000+ stores across Europe
  • 6,000+ employees

Marionnaud, Europe’s largest perfumeries & cosmetics retailer, has built a reputation on the brand’s signature blend of charm and expertise. A customer-focused organisation, Marionnaud aims to deliver on their brand promise to every customer, in store and online.

The brand’s history dates back to 1984 in France, where the first store was opened with the aim of allowing women to find beauty products, make-up and top brand perfumes, all in one convenient location. Today, Marionnaud has around 1,000 stores across 11 markets, including France, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. In France alone, they have established themselves as the leading perfumery chain, thanks to their competitive pricing, personalised service and professional advice.

Originating from Paris, the home of French beauty, Marionnaud knows that to look your most beautiful, you need to feel beautiful too. They are passionate about enabling every customer to feel truly beautiful, and are continuously looking at new ways to fulfil this purpose. Whether it’s the launch of the first customer loyalty programme in 1998, their gorgeous own brand products or even the Marionnaud beauty salons, Marionnaud is always working to offer more to their customers and toremain the ultimate source of personalized service and beauty solutions.

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